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4 Benefits of Proprietary Franchise Software

Posted by Michelle Cemental on Nov 3, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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As a franchise owner, you want to have every chance to succeed, which means choosing a franchisor that will support you in your quest from day one. Of course, there are so many different ways that a franchisor can support their owners. One important differentiator is the software that you will use as a franchise owner. Franchise software should be able to handle the unique challenges of a specific franchise offering, which is why proprietary software can be a major benefit for new franchise owners. In the following article are just 4 of the ways that proprietary franchise software can improve the ownership experience for you.

1. It’s Tailored to Meet Your Needs

How many times have you been working in a computer program and wanted to do something that it just wasn’t set up to do? Or maybe you found that it technically could do what you needed it to do, but the convoluted process you had to follow to make it happen just wasn’t worth it.

Proprietary software is software that a franchisor creates with assistance from a software developer to specifically assist their franchise owners in daily tasks. Because proprietary software has the franchise owner in mind from the outset, it will do all the things that you need it to do, without having to implement complicated work arounds, which means more efficient franchise management even for brand new owners. When you can spend less time struggling with your software, you can spend more time helping your franchise to grow and thrive.

2. Training is a Priority

If a franchise uses off-the-shelf software, they may also rely on that software’s tutorials, documentation, and training to get their franchise owners up and running. With proprietary software, customized training is part of the package. Your senior home care franchise software will have not only its features customized to your needs but also its training. Further, training will be part of the ongoing support you get from your franchisor. Knowing how to use the software you are required to use will help you in every aspect of your new business.

3. Customer Support Is Always Available

No one likes spending time on the phone or online trying to get ahold of customer support agents for their software of choice. Proprietary franchise software means that the software developer is not the only option for customer support. All franchise locations will be using the same software, which means you can reach out for support to any of your fellow franchise owners, as well as the franchisor for assistance if you encounter any problems. The availability of support will ensure that you always know what you’re doing with your software.

4. You Can Have a Say in Updates

No software iteration is perfect from the beginning, which is why your laptop is constantly asking you if you’re ready to install new updates. Proprietary franchise software is no different and will need updates. As an owner of the franchise system, your experience will be integral in deciding what new updates will include. If you were using software that was not specific to your franchise, the chances of you being able to make your voice heard about bugs or features would be low. But proprietary software means that you are the only audience the software developers care about and therefore you will be heard.

Caring Senior Service does have its own proprietary software, called Tendio. It allows our owners, staff, and clients to communicate and stay up-to-date on care. Learn more about Tendio.

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