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Why Is Fear So Scary?

Posted by Thomas Scott on Mar 30, 2018 5:00:00 PM

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Most people who daydream of owning a business will never even take the first step toward making their dream a reality. Fear is usually the root of all the reasons we have for failing to pursue our dreams. But why is fear so scary?

Those brave enough to inquire about specific business opportunities usually end their search quickly or spend time researching the concept ;only to never move forward. A handful of these daydreamers take their research; and conversations with industry representatives and decide that this is a leap that they are not ready to make. They shut down their inner entrepreneur with lines like, "Maybe in 5 years when the kids are older...", "when the house is paid...", "When the MBA is finished...", or "When the economy is just a little bit better..."

The "F" Word

A very small group of people will make the leap from employee to business owner — but why? One reason: FEAR! Fear is a very relatable emotion but can also be very debilitating. Since fear is such a significant factor in our decision making, how can we better understand this emotion and use it to our advantage?

Everyone deals with some level of fear in their lives, but do we ever stop to look at our fear and figure out what we are afraid of? You can use fear to gain knowledge, motivate you, and even prepare you for greater success.

Make Friends With Fear

To harness your fear and use it to your advantage, you must first understand it. According to Rick Bisio, author of The Educated Franchisee (a book I highly recommend to anyone new to the concept of franchise ownership), fear is "most often connected to a perception, real or imagined, of danger or an anticipation of pain." In other words, fear of what we think might happen in the future.

When you objectively look at your concerns, they may not be at all based in reality. Your worries will often directly relate to your lack of knowledge on the issues at hand and the unknown. Deciding to open a business will inevitably contain many unknowns and questions you don't initially have answers to. However, as you ask questions and grow your base of knowledge, the fear and the perception of danger decrease.

Fear's Greatest Foe: Knowledge

In facing your fears head on, you will have a large number of questions: What happens if you go out of business? What happens if the franchisor goes out of business? What happens if there is no longer a need for your product or service?

The list goes on and on. Use your natural fear to ask all of the questions that are keeping you from changing the course of your life. The more information you can gather, the lower your fear becomes and the higher your probability of success.

At Caring Senior Service, we encourage you to ask all of those questions and more. We know that the more informed you are, the better prepared you are in the decision-making process. Caring Senior Service is so confident in our proven business model that we lay out all of the facts for our potential franchisees so they make informed decisions and increase their chances of success.

If you want to start your own business but fear has stopped you in your tracks, we encourage you to reach out our Franchise Development Team and begin to ask the "what if" questions. We will help guide you to a place of certainty where you can decide if Caring Senior Service is a good fit for you.

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