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A Look At A Caring Owner: Cindy Sheller, Tucson

Posted by Thomas Scott on Aug 18, 2017 1:30:26 PM

 Cindy and Lee in St LuciaCindy photo

Cindy Sheller, a Caring Senior Service franchise owner in Tucson, learned a valuable lesson in her brief career as a business analyst: Numbers are not her thing – people are! While those early days spent crunching numbers have been all but forgotten, Cindy can easily recall the many special seniors who have left lasting impressions.

When she first started in senior care, working in an Assisted Living Community, she met "Dr." Bill. Dr. Bill immediately gravitated to Cindy and aside from making sure she never went without a breakfast pastry, would sing Irish Rose to her, as a nod to a dress she often wore that featured roses in its pattern. Years later she fondly remembers their special bond, his zest for life, and still has a patch from that rose-covered dress that inspired his beloved serenades.

What struck her most about Dr. Bill was his intense desire to make those around him feel special, despite his struggles with his own health issues. He spent his energy, every day, putting a smile on the faces around him. This is the example that Cindy strives to emulate with her clients, staff and in her community.

"The scariest part is jumping. I believe there are many talented and compassionate people that would make excellent owners:  They just need the courage and belief that they can spread their wings and fly."

Cindy soon realized that senior care is her calling. Since starting in senior care, she has worked in assisted living and memory care communities, hospice organizations, ultimately spending the majority of her career running home health care agencies prior to becoming a Caring franchise owner. She is honored to be part of the lives of the seniors she has helped serve over the years in her various positions and takes her current role as Owner of Caring Senior Service of Tucson very seriously.

Cindy has a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to her business: stay driven and compassionate while always putting your clients first, and never forget your integrity and reputation are your most valued assets.

Like many of our owners, Cindy had a loved one on the receiving end of senior care and saw serious flaws in the way that care was delivered. She knew she could bring her knowledge to the caregiving experience and make it better for other seniors. As a result, she now describes herself as "tenacious" when it comes to making sure that caregivers and clients are matched properly. A big component in Caring's Great Care ™ Method.

"Never forget how important your staff is to the success and always find ways to let them know how valued they are."

Although Cindy had a passion for senior care, she vowed she would never be a senior care franchise owner. She simply did not think that the franchise business model was a good fit for her. Her very personal feelings about senior care made it hard for her to see the industry looked at solely as a revenue generator and that was the impression she had gotten from other franchise systems.

Ultimately, her opinion of franchising changed: "I chose Caring because of Jeff (Salter, Founder and CEO), and I am a firm believer in the model that addresses the most vital aspects of senior care and the most effective way to deliver it, while providing a high level of support. I wouldn't want to do it with any other franchise."

Another perk of owning her own franchise, Cindy discovered, was the ability to surround herself with her biggest fans. Lee Sheller, Cindy's husband of 13 years, father to her 9-year-old son, as well as a consummate supporter, was the first addition to her Caring Tucson team. He has quickly become a huge asset as her business partner. Lee's area of expertise is helping their company provide GreatCare™ to their clients and staff by assisting in the quality control of her office.

Cindy is so grateful to be working side by side with the man who "was supportive when I wanted to leave the corporate world in 2015 at age 50 and stood beside me so I could chase down my happily ever after." Also, Cindy loves that the rest of her family is always eager to help. Her mom and dad enjoy spending time at the office and her eldest son pitches in as a caregiver when he is not busy working at his day job as a firefighter in Austin, Texas, making Caring Senior Service of Tucson a family affair!

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