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How Do You Buy a Franchise? Step 2

Posted by Michelle Cemental on Jul 20, 2016 8:39:45 AM

Potential owners shaking hands with advisor

Our previous blog post covered some essential information that starts to answer the question: How do you buy a franchise? Of course, there is more than one step you must compete to make such a big, life-changing purchase. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car or a house without doing your research, and buying a franchise can have a much bigger impact on your life and future than either of those.

If you think you have found a good fit for a franchise to buy, that’s great news! But it’s just the beginning of your journey towards becoming a franchise owner. Keep reading to find out what you should do next.

Learn as Much as You Can

When you find a franchise that feels like the right fit, it can be tempting to jump in with both feet. Of course, as with most things, this is rarely the right choice. Instead, take some time to learn as much as you possibly can about the franchise. During your initial research you should have learned a lot, but you may have been considering a few different franchise options. Now it is time for you to zero in on the specifics of the franchise you have selected. Read all the documentation you are provided (and read it carefully) and investigate on your own as well.

Find Out About the Investment

It might go without saying, but buying a franchise is an investment and that means you need to know how much it costs. During the initial phases of your research it is usually easy to find a general range of how much a franchise will cost, but at this point in the process you need to get down to specifics.

Find out:

  • What your initial investment will be, specifically
  • How much you will have to contribute in the form of a franchise fee annually
  • How much you will need to live on while the franchise finds its footing

There are many financial questions you may want to ask during this phase of the buying process and they will differ for every individual.

Start Discussing Financing Possibilities

If you are looking into buying a franchise, hopefully you have already determined a budget for your investment. If not, now is definitely the time to do that. Beyond budgeting, it is a good idea to start considering financing options for your initial investment. Whether you plan to use savings or apply for a bank loan can have an impact on what your financial future will look like for the franchise.

Buying a franchise is exciting, but do not get swept up in the excitement of possibilities before you lay a strong foundation for your investment. When you are able to choose a franchise opportunity that is a great fit for your values and business goals while also being a match for your financial picture, your chances of success increase exponentially.

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