How Senior Helpers Provide Independence

By Ian Klaes

What Is Senior Home Care? 

Senior home care encompasses services that help seniors maintain their quality of life. It can include grooming, medication reminders, transportation, and other activities of daily living. In-home care is provided in a client’s home and is an alternative to a nursing home or assisted living facilities, which require a senior to move to a new place to receive round-the-clock attention.  


Assisted living communities are designed to give seniors a safe living environment where they can get supervision and some help with tasks of daily living. Nursing homes, however, offer housing for seniors who need constant medical attention. Both options can help seniors remain healthy, but they don’t allow them to remain at home. 


Senior home care is a great option for seniors who need constant care or who just need assistance a few hours a week to tackle difficult chores. This option lets seniors age from the comfort of their own home. It is also a more flexible model of care because seniors can set their own care schedule. Therefore, it is often much cheaper for a senior to opt for home care. And this type of care wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for “senior helpers,” or caregivers. 


Senior Helpers 

Senior helpers, also known as caregivers, are the individuals that provide senior home care. These helpers may work for a full-service agency, like Caring Senior Service, or be an independent provider. They usually have previous experience working with seniors. However, qualifications vary depending on the agency. 


At Caring Senior Service, we require our senior helpers to have at least 1 year of experience working with seniors or have a Certified Nurse Aid license. We also require our caregivers to pass national background checks and a rigorous interview process. 


Senior helpers can provide non-medical tasks to help seniors maintain their quality of life. Does a senior want their laundry put away in a certain manner? A senior helper can help. Does a senior need to get to a doctor’s appointment? Senior helpers can get them there. Additionally, they can help with home modifications, daily activities, and household maintenance. Senior helpers can also provide companionship to seniors who live alone and may feel lonely or depressed. 


However, it’s important to note that senior helpers are not nurses. Senior helpers do not perform medical care. Nurses are certified to address medical needs, like changing wound dressings or administering medication. However, these individuals only provide medical attention for a few hours at a time, and seniors with health challenges may need care that extends beyond that time. Senior helpers can assist clients when other healthcare providers aren’t there. 


Independence for Seniors 

The services provided by a senior helper can enable elderly individuals to remain independent at home and maintain their dignity. Elderly individuals who receive senior home care can rely on their helper for aid instead of having to request favors from family members, helping seniors feel more independent and less like a burden 


Care from a caregiver is also extremely flexible. A senior helper can adapt their care plan as seniors face additional challenges that come with aging. Seniors can determine their own schedule and receive assistance with tasks they determine. Because care hours can vary, seniors also have some control over the costs of their care. Fewer hours mean a lower cost. This aspect of home care makes it more affordable than other care options. 


Many individuals also prefer to remain in their own home because it’s familiar to them and that’s where they have built memories. Home is often more comfortable than moving into a facility, where they may have to start from scratch to establish routines and meet people. Remaining at home, therefore, can help a senior remain more confident in their abilities and maintain their routine. 


Finally, senior care services can also provide peace of mind for a senior’s family — especially if they don’t live nearby. Imagine that your parent experiences health challenges due to aging. Maybe you worry that they will experience a fall while they are home alone or that their state of mind deteriorates while you aren’t there. How would it make you feel to know that your parent wasn’t alone and that they would have someone with them to help keep them safe and happy?  


Ultimately, senior helpers are the key to help empower seniors to enjoy their golden years and maintain their quality of life. 


The Caring Senior Service Franchise Model 

Thanks to the Caring Senior Service franchise model, our senior helpers are able to help seniors across the country remain healthy, happy, and at home. The franchise system allows us to expand to more cities and states across the country as we trust other like-minded individuals with our business model, technology, and resources.  


We know that our senior helpers have been able to make a difference in the lives of countless seniors, and that’s why we got into the business in the first place. Many of our franchise owners have experienced this change in their own lives as they looked for quality in-home care for their own parents or loved ones. From their experience, they realized how impactful a quality in-home care agency can be.  


If you are searching for care for a loved one, the answer may actually be to open a home care franchise of your own. Our business model provides a profitable foundation from which you can build a business and help seniors in your community. To learn more about whether a franchising opportunity is right for you, reach out to our team.

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