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Leaving Corporate America for Franchise Ownership

Posted by Thomas Scott on Dec 15, 2016 12:40:44 PM

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Career transitions or life transitions of most kinds, can be difficult. Just remember how hard it was to ask the love of your life to marry you, to decide to become a parent, or to accept your first job offer out of college. In retrospect, we often see that the decisions made based upon moving toward happiness (versus away from fear) usually bring more happiness. The decision to look further into any opportunity should always be framed by the question: Am I going toward a career and business that will bring me greater happiness or am I staying in my current role because of fear? Fear-based decision making will never bring you closer to joy.

Leaving corporate America for the life of a franchise owner is a serious transition, and it stands to reason that you would have some anxiety about the change. Fortunately, many franchise owners have followed the same path and come out on the other side, having learned a thing or two.

Keep reading for a few tried and true tips for leaving corporate America to maximize your potential, while minimizing your fear.

Leaving Corporate America with a Plan

Working in corporate America is not all bad, or you would not have done it for so long. Corporate jobs often come with stability, health benefits, a regular paycheck, and even an expense account. Giving all that up to be your own boss is intimidating. The best way to combat this initial fear is to have a plan in place.

On bad days, it might be tempting to hand in your resignation and go where the wind takes you. However, it is preferable to have an exit strategy. Not only is this better for planning, but any reputable franchisors would want to be certain that you do have a defined plan for leaving your current job and moving forward as a franchise owner.

Also, a quality franchise system will want to know you have access to capital to support yourself and your family during the transition. While you cannot account for all possibilities, the better organized you are, the less fear you will have.

Find a Franchise That Offers Support

When you work in corporate America, you are responsible for a small segment of what goes on at a large company. Corporations have departments for HR, purchasing, marketing, and sales. When you own a franchise, you automatically become head of all those departments at the same time, which can feel more than a little overwhelming.

Luckily, when you buying into a franchise system, you are not going it alone. If you are nervous about leaving corporate America, be sure that you find a franchise system that offers you plenty of ongoing support, both from the corporate office and from fellow franchise owners. Your new support system has experienced the same challenges that you will encounter, and they can help you pull through with the lessons they have learned.

Map Out Your Best Case Scenario and Your Worst

When you get a new job, failure is a possibility. But if you fail, you get fired and get another job. If you fail when you buy a franchise, the stakes are a lot higher. One way to overcome the doomsday scenarios that might run through your head as you prepare to leave your cushy corporate job is to map out the worst that could happen.  

What if you have unexpected expenses? What if you hire someone that steals from you? What if…? The list could go on. Find the scenario that causes you the most anxiety and follow it through to its end. What would happen? How would you recover and move on? Statistically, it is unlikely that your worst case scenario will come to pass, but, if you have a game plan for dealing with it, you will probably be a lot more comfortable.

Fear is Normal, But Don’t Let it Rule

It is normal to feel some trepidation about your new life as a franchise owner. The most important thing you can do when you are considering making the leap away from corporate America is not to let your decision making be ruled by fear-based decision making. Rather, take note of your concerns and make a plan to address them so that you can move full speed toward your JOY.

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