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Owner Spotlight: Steve Jasa, Fremont

Posted by Thomas Scott on May 30, 2019 11:17:00 AM

Despite daunting weather conditions in Nebraska and Iowa earlier this year, Steve Jasa and his staff were able to buoy up their community, providing aid and relief to many seniors and other individuals. Learn more about how Steve Jasa along with the staff of Caring Senior Service of Fremont was able to help. 


Supporting the Community

Flooding earlier this year in Nebraska and western Iowa led to devastation in many communities. As the waters rose and communities became islands, many individuals were left stranded and homes destroyed. 

Caring Senior Service of Fremont created personalized emergency plans for each senior client. These plans included identifying client’s family members in the area and places for seniors to go if they needed to evacuate due to natural disasters or other emergencies.  

Our Fremont caregivers and care managers took initiative to ensure that each client was safely cared for. Our staff carefully helped clients pack essentials for a few days and get them to safety within a 48-hour period.  

But the efforts of Steve Jasa and his staff didn’t stop there. Caring Senior Service of Fremont reached out on social media and offered to help anyone in the area. Staff members went out into the community to help clear homes of debris and water. Caregivers and care managers donated supplies and checked on people in the community. Aid included buying dog food, delivering groceries, and filling up generators.  

“I’m really impressed with the leadership from my care managers. I’ve seen how their strong Midwest values have helped them tackle this challenge,” commented Jasa 

Caring for Staff Members

In addition to helping ensure that senior clients were safe, Steve Jasa also helped caregivers who were stranded in surrounded areas by the flooding. This included purchasing a plane ticket for a single mother and securing hotel rooms for other staff members until they could return home.  

For Jasa and his staff, it wasn’t about getting recognition, but instead just making sure everyone was safe. “We wanted to make sure that our caregivers were safe and that our clients were safe. People’s lives are more important than anything, stated Jasa.

Passion for Helping Others

Steve Jasa has always had a passion for helping others, especially those who struggle to help themselves. His brother contracted spinal menigitis when Jasa was young. His brother lost all cognitive function and was wheelchair bound. His family hired a full-time nurse, and, for as long as Jasa can remember, a nurse lived in his home to help care for his brother. 

He saw firsthand that home care can help lift the burdens that families face. His goal as a home care business owner is to help clients and their family members get the relief and care they need. In addition, he wants to see his staff thrive and succeed!

Jasa's excellent leadership and community outreach during the devastating floods and his consistent efforts to help seniors in Fremont are a great example of Caring Senior Service's passion for helping others.

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