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Preserving Mom and Dad's Dignity Through Home Care

Posted by Thomas Scott on Nov 25, 2018 6:15:11 AM

Young hands clasping old ones

It's important to find the right balance of concern and trust when caring for your aging parents. Although you may be tempted to stop Dad from working in the yard and Mom from cooking, avoiding all risks can compromise their dignity and overall happiness. If your parents want to age in the comfort of their own home, Caring Senior Service can provide individualized, non-medical care that enhances their independence, safety, and quality of life.

How Our Model Helps

Caring Senior Service knows that finding the right caregivers from the outset is an essential part of creating success in your business, and a main component of our GreatCare® Method. We have developed an interview process that assesses not just technical aspects of caregiver skill sets but also emotional intelligence, competencies, and preferences of caregivers that can be quickly evaluated by intuitive software. This unique process leads to better matches for our caregivers, as well as our clients.

We look at everything from the caregiver's proximity to a client's home, number of hours worked, levels of introversion and extroversion, favorite hobbies, and even their potential allergies to pets. We compile this data in our Tendio software, in addition to their and specialized experience with various types of clients. We make sure that not our clients be happy and taken care of and that our caregivers are matched with clients who are a good fit.

Recruitment Never Stops

How we find caregivers is constantly changing, but never ending. Our Executive Team is always assessing our current recruitment programs and can change approaches as we continue to learn from our franchisees and national trends.

Perfecting these recruitment tools takes time, effort, and ongoing research which is something our franchisees do not always have time for. Our mission is to provide these tools to our franchisees so they can spend their time running the day-to-day operations of the business and creating success.

GreatCare® Makes Great Caregivers!

Once you find the right caregivers through our recruitment process, we give you the tools to keep them. Our time-tested and trademarked GreatCare® system consists of multiple features that aid in caregiver support and retention, from regular supervisory visits to clients' homes, to Caring University, a web-based training system for caregivers to hone their skills while gaining monetary incentives for the completion of additional training. We also recognize the importance of recognizing excellence via initiatives like our Caregiver of the year awards.

Tendio's Advanced Technology

Although our business focuses on the personal relationship between our clients and their caregivers, we also realize the importance of technology in this field. We continually upgrade the applications of our internally developed, proprietary software, Tendio, to give our seniors the highest quality and most customized personal care experience in the industry.

We employ an operational system that includes constant recruitment and well-developed key performance indicators to create targets that drive revenue. Utilizing technology in the recruitment stage as well as for interviewing, training and scheduling help Caring Senior Service find and retain the best caregivers in the industry.

Caregivers Prefer In-Home Care

Potential caregivers come from all walks of life. Caring Senior Service offers a career that you can succeed at with little experience and certification compared to most jobs in the medical field. Caregivers just need the work ethic and motivation to make a difference in the lives of seniors.

Senior care, in general, is often a great fit for caregivers who want a more personal experience with the clients they serve versus those they would serve in a senior care facility. Caregivers often remark that their work with us makes them feel they are making a greater impact on seniors, and their level of job satisfaction working with clients in their own homes is greater. Many caregivers find that in-home care is far less stressful than caring for multiple patients with advanced needs in a skilled nursing facility, making in-home care with Caring a preferred option.

How We Help

At Caring Senior Service, we take the burden away from families who need care for a loved one, and we ensure that we keep caregivers in place for that loved one. Despite the uphill battle of the caregiver shortage, Caring Senior Service's business model employs initiatives to hire the right people, retain them with the best working conditions we can provide and offer possibilities for advancement throughout their employment.

We know that quality caregivers are a cornerstone of any successful senior care franchise. Contact us today, and we can explain more about how our model has been addressing the caregiver shortage for over 27 years.

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