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Should You Choose a Franchisor That’s Hands On?

Posted by Michelle Cemental on Dec 7, 2016 11:42:49 AM

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Try to remember back to your first day of your first job. It was probably a time of a lot of anxiety. You didn’t know how to dress, where to go, or what you were going to be expected to do. Hopefully, you had a trusted boss or mentor who trained you and showed you the ropes. Before you knew it, you were probably flipping burgers, making copies, or topping ice cream like you had been doing it your whole life.

Having someone that knows the business before you start a new job is critical to your initial experience. But is it any different when it comes to leaving corporate America and buying a franchise? Do you need the hands-on training of someone with experience, or are your own passion and hard work enough to make your new business succeed?

Following are just a few reasons that we think buying a franchise that has a hands-on corporate office makes a lot of sense.

They Have Seen It All

The franchisor has been with the business since the beginning, since the idea of opening a franchise was little more than a dream. Starting with that first location through the first franchise sale and beyond shows a franchise corporate office exactly what it takes to succeed. Depending on how long the franchise has been around, chances are they have tackled just about every problem that a new owner will face, which means they can help you overcome those obstacles.

A hands-on franchise means that you will not have to struggle through the same mistakes other owners have had to because you will have the benefit of experience on your side and in your ear.

They Know the Market

Identifying a perfect target market is not always as easy as it sounds. Most new businesses have to wade through a lot of research and weather a few false starts before they find their perfect audience. However, a hands-on franchise knows not only your key audience but also the best marketing tactics and messages to reach them. The knowledge that a hands-on franchisor can impart when it comes to marketing is invaluable to new franchise owners.

They Are Great Connectors

If a franchise is hands on with their franchise owners, they know them well. As a new owner, this is a great advantage to have because the franchisor can put you in touch with other owners who have similar backgrounds or who have faced similar challenges. A franchisor who is more hands off may be less prepared to make these kinds of connections that can be essential to successful career transitions.

They Care

Perhaps the most important factor when choosing a franchise to buy is finding one that shares your values. When a franchise provides hands-on support to their owners, they are demonstrating what they care about with their actions. When a franchisor cares deeply about the success of their brand, they will be more involved and will do whatever is in their power to help you succeed.

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