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How Much Training Should a Franchise Offer New Owners?

Posted by Thomas Scott on Mar 28, 2017 4:33:45 PM

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There is no magic number or formula when it comes to how much training a franchise should offer new owners. While training is a crucial piece of the franchising puzzle, each franchise will be different, and the amount of training will vary.

What new franchise owners should expect when it comes to training is that it will help make your franchise a success, therefore, reflecting back on the franchise as a whole. Rather than look for a magic number, you should look for training in particular areas and training that furthers specific goals.

By the time you are done with franchise training program (though ongoing training is a must!), you should feel confident that you are aligned with the franchise and other franchisors. Here are some particular areas that you should be trained in.

Franchise Business Model

You should know all of the high-level processes you must perform and develop a specific marketing blueprint for your location under the guidance of your franchise system. You should have an overall understanding of who in the franchise headquarter's staff will be your direct contact, what they do for you, and the best way to reach them. You should reach out to other franchisees, especially those close to you geographically to start building connections.

Day-to-Day Operations

The training you receive should make you feel confident that you can handle the everyday challenges that come with running a business. Each day is different, and you will most likely encounter situations that you did not specifically train for. But, if your franchise system is supportive, they will have most likely all ready dealt with similar situations, and be able to talk you through any obstacle.

Training Your Own Employees

Employees across the franchise system should all be screened, interviewed, and trained in the same way and with the same methods and systems so that behavior and performance are consistent and customers know what to expect. You should be trained on how to train your employees in a way that mimics the values of the franchise. Even if you eventually turn staff training over to someone else, you will be able to pass on training methods you were trained in.

Ongoing Training

It should be clear from the beginning of the training process that training will continue throughout your franchise career. As procedures, technology, and systems change, you will be kept current and provided the literature and resources you’ll need to stay up to date. Assessments and group training should be expected, and your franchisor should be open to your opinion regarding what’s been working and what hasn’t.

With the proper training from your franchisor, you should know:

  • Standards and procedures
  • The company’s operating manuals
  • Information on products and services
  • Business management skills
  • Managing the customer experience
  • Branding
  • Human resources
  • Vendor relations
  • Financial management

There is no set formula for the right amount of training, but you should go into a franchise agreement feeling confident that by the time training is done, you will be able to run a successful business.

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