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Caring Senior Service Franchise Blog

Caring Senior Service: Who We Are, What We Do, and Why We Do It

Posted by Thomas Scott on Aug 4, 2017 5:00:41 PM

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You may be at a career crossroads, yearning to be your own boss and wondering whether a senior home care business is a viable option for you. Our franchise owners have proven time and time again that with the right motivation and work ethic, you can plug into our existing system and get to work on the activities that will immediately impact your growth and success.

We've put together a recap of the who, what, and why that define Caring Senior Service and why now is a great time to be a business owner in the senior care industry.

What We Do

We are a non-medical home care industry. We have been caring for seniors since 1991 through our GreatCare® method, which includes quality caregivers, active communication, and care solutions.

Private pay, non-medical home care is the fastest growing segment of health care in America. Research suggests that there are more than 25,000 companies providing this service to millions of elderly and disabled. Almost 50% of clients questioned in the 2016 Home Care Benchmarking Study listed high-quality caregivers as the factor that sets a company apart from the rest.

Why We Do It?

As senior health care continues to evolve, more studies are being conducted to prove that home care intervention improves health outcomes, prevents costly hospitalizations, and keeps seniors living at home independently.

Stacie Opahle, a franchise owner in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, states that what's most important to her in her business's success is that "We have been able to take care of a lot of seniors that without us may not have lived as long.... and may not have been in safe situations. We've been able to come in, ensure that they are safe, and we've been there to make the difference."

Kevin Shell, an owner in Camden County, feels strongly about his community impact. "I allow families to be able to work during the day and be a part of their community, knowing that I am taking care of their loved one," he said. "I treat every client like they are my mom and dad, and if I can't do that, then it's not good enough."

Our franchisees love working with seniors as well as making a significant daily impact in their local communities.

How We Do It?

According to the Home Care Benchmarking Study, the median home care company’s revenue in 2015 was $1,632,543. The data shows that the leading businesses are at a median $3.6 million, and companies in the top 10% generated over $4.5 million in revenue.

There is no doubt that the senior care industry is a viable business opportunity with attainable success. Caring Senior Services has grown mindfully over the last 26 years and worked diligently to remove many of the roadblocks that may impede our franchisees' success. Simply put, our existing business plan and ongoing support allow you to use your motivation and hard work to soar.

Franchisee Stacie Opahle states that, "When you get to the point that you are profitable and you've been able to be successful, grow your business and take care of people, you learn a lot about how much you can do yourself. That is the thing that has really meant the most to me."

According to Chris Gulley, a Wilmington franchise owner, "There is a tremendous amount of pride when you know that you've started something from the ground up. You know that you built this, and every day it's getting better and you're helping more folks." The continued success of our franchise owners accomplishes our goal of providing high-quality care to seniors and helping as many clients as possible.

David Burgess of Caring Senior Service, in Columbus, Ohio, always invests 100% in whatever he does, whether that's in relationships, technology, or learning the necessary markets. He made the move to a Caring Senior Service franchise when he realized there was no more growth in his job and that he was never going to own it. With his sweat equity, David has now created a lifestyle for himself that he's always wanted while reaping the financial rewards and giving back to his staff and his community.

Running your own business is a huge undertaking and isn't for everyone, but if you think you may have what it takes to succeed in this industry, we are here to answer any questions you have, explain how our model works, and help you begin improving the lives of seniors and families in your area. Call us today and find out if the Caring Seniors' path is right for you.

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