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Next Steps to Becoming a Franchisee

Start on your path to becoming a successful Caring Senior Service Franchisee.

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Becoming a franchisee is a big decision and a big investment that takes a lot of thoughts and commitment from you and a franchisor. Much like you, we here at Caring don't make these decisions without a lot of careful consideration. We have constructed an in-depth process designed to give you all of the information you need to make your decision, while also allowing us to assess the values, competencies, and skill sets you possess. After 30 years in business, we know what makes a happy and fulfilled Caring Senior Service franchisee.

Follow these steps in order to learn more about Caring Senior Service and get started on your path to becoming a Caring Senior Service franchise owner.

Number 1


First things first..  let's find out if our goals and values align with yours and determine whether or not it makes sense to spend your valuable time learning more about us. Some essential questions to have answers for: What is your timeline? Is your spouse on board? What kind of related work experience do you have? What does your budget look like? How much time do you want to devote to your business? Why is Senior Care on your radar?

You can get started a few ways: Fill out our contact form.

Number 2 


After you have found out that our franchise does fit into your established parameters, and we will book a more in-depth call with Scott Suryan, our Franchise Development Manager. This 45-minute call will be spent discussing your vision for your future, your thoughts on being a business owner, hurdles in your way to becoming a franchise owner, and your commitment level to senior care and franchise ownership. If we both determine that Caring looks like a good fit after this conversation, we will move to the next step. However, if after our conversation we discover a potential roadblock that we will need to eliminate before moving forward, we will work together to build a plan to address those issues before moving to our next step. Also, we may come to the decision that our opportunity is simply not the right one for you at this time. At Caring, we value your time an let you know quickly if we feel, based on our extensive experience, we may not be the right fit for you.

 Number 3


The Franchise Education Webinar will illustrate the particulars of our business model, our support system for franchisees, exact financial requirements, and financial performance data. We will show you the vast functionality of our proprietary software, our GreatCare method for systematic delivery of consistent quality care, our robust intranet stocked with owner resources, our well-defined start-up system, our post opening procedures to spur rapid growth, details about our initial investment and a look at revenues of our existing offices. We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible, so you come in with eyes wide open before you commit.

 Number 4


The Franchise Disclosure Document or FDD for short, has three general purposes: 1) To provide transparency 2) To educate prospective franchisees prior to making a commitment 3) To provide information in a simplified format using uncomplicated language. We will host a webinar to explain the lengthy document and give you a navigational guide to the items that are most important to most owners such as Items 5, 6 & 7 — regarding costs, Item 9 — Franchisee Obligations, Item 11 — Franchisor Obligations, Item 17 — Exit Strategy, Dispute Resolution and Item 19 — Financial Performance Representations. After our review, you will be given access to the document in its entirety for you to read carefully. We will book a follow-up call about a week after you receive the FDD to cover any questions or concerns.

Number 5 


At Caring, we recognize the importance of launching your business into profitability quickly. We also know, from analyzing the data from 30 years of being in business provides, that owners with strong marketing, networking, sales and relationship building skills grow larger, and faster. Since this is such an integral part of your business, we want to make sure you are confident in your ability to build long-lasting relationships in your local senior care community. We are looking for individuals that are good listener with the ability to craft unique solutions for customers while building trust. We are also looking for individuals with a high level of coachability and the grit to get through adversity. The results of this assessment and the recommendation by our Marketing Team will weigh heavily in our discussions regarding your initial employee and salary requirements, which will directly effect your initial investment amount. 

 Number 6


Our franchise owners will provide a true "boots on the ground" perspective to our company. You should ask to speak with owners who are new to the system, as well as veterans. You should also try to speak with owners that are coming from the same professional background as you, and whose territories are similar to the territory you will purchase. Some questions you will want to ask: What is the support like that you receive from corporate headquarters? How accessible are they? What was your initial start-up process like? How long did it take? How was your training? Do you follow the business model? What is your most significant challenge? Our owners are usually excited to speak with franchise candidates since they were once in your shoes and appreciated the conversations they had with franchisees.

Number 7 


Jeff Salter, our CEO and Founder, and Ian Klaes, our executive Vice President, are always excited to talk to candidates that have made it this far in the process. By this time, your goals, values, skills and overall fit with our system have been thoroughly discussed with our Executive Team and this is their chance to find out more about how you envision your role as a Caring franchise owner. They also host this call to give you a chance to ask any high-level questions about the history and future of Caring Senior Service. It probably goes without saying, but the opinions of our Executive Team have a large bearing on the decision for us to keep moving forward with any candidate.

Number 8 


You will meet with the marketing, support, and executive team leaders and their staff to gain a better understanding of their individual roles as they pertain to you. You will also spend time in a Caring Senior Service franchise office and speak one-on-one with the owner about actual day-to-day operations, while seeing them in action. As one of the last steps in our process, this visit is meant to answer the question "do I feel like these are people I can trust and can see myself in a business relationship with?" One highlight of the day is your presentation to the Caring National Headquarters Team that gives us all a better understanding of you as a person and a potential franchise owner. After your departure, our entire team votes on the decision to award you a Caring Franchise and we inform you of our decision within 48 hours.

Number 9


This is a step only a small percentage of candidates will arrive at: Becoming a Caring Senior Service Franchisee. This is made official by signing the Franchise Disclosure Document. As soon as you are a Caring Senior Service Franchisee, we get to work! You will be enrolled in our Quick Start Program which details every step you need to complete to open the doors to your business and start serving clients. You will be partnered with our subject matter experts along the way and guided through the process at each turn to keep you on schedule.

Franchise Versus Startup: What's Best for Me?

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