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Quote Background

"I went with Caring because
the ideas and goals they have
dovetail nicely with what
I am trying to achieve in my city.

David Burgess, Caring Senior Service of NE Columbus, OH 
David Burgess

The Caring Story

Helping Seniors Remain Home Since 1991

At 20 years old, founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Salter worked for a home health care company where he noticed that many seniors required help with daily tasks, and this was something the nurses and staff at the home healthy care company did not provide. Recognizing this gap in senior care, Jeff developed the concept for Caring Senior Service.

"I had been working at a home health company in Odessa, Texas when I noticed how the patients really enjoyed the time they got to spend with the caregivers," Salter says. "I knew there were plenty of seniors in the community who just needed help with basic things like meal preparation, errands and bathing."

Jeff opened his first office in 1991. By 1994 he had moved to McAllen, Texas and formed Caring Senior Service, expanding to Corpus Christi, the Coastal Bend and San Antonio. After opening his first office in 1991 Jeff spent over 10 years evolving his system. He expanded into new markets, each time testing the system. Jeff created a business model that allowed him to manage multiple locations over large distances. During the first ten years Jeff opened 7 locations in Texas and 1 in Arizona. 

In 2002, Jeff determined that the best way expand the business throughout the United States would be through franchising. He knew that the business model that allowed his success could be used by others to achieve more successes and reach more families, and, in turn, provide more high quality care to seniors in need, which has always been the #1 goal for Jeff and Caring.


Ian Klaes
Ian Klaes - VP and Co-owner
Jeff Salter
Jeff Salter - Founder and CEO


Today with Ian Klaes, VP and co-owner, Jeff and Caring Senior Service operate approximately 60 locations in over 23 states. The system has evolved to include national background checks, refined interview techniques, first in class client assessments, regular supervisory visits, propreitaory Tendio® software and a number of other advancements that allow us to serve more families each and every day.

Jeff and Ian still own and operate locations. This unique situation provides franchise owners in the Caring Senior Service System the reassurance that decisions made by management are based on what’s good for the business, not just the Franchisor. Every idea and concept is tested in their locations before it becomes part of the system. They lead a team at Caring Senior Service that is committed to helping franchise owners attain the freedom, independence, and personal satisfaction that comes from business ownership. 


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Request for Consideration

Investing in a franchise is a big decision for you and for us. Just like you, we put a lot of thought into making big decisions. The first step for you to take is to find out if our opportunity is a good fit for your goals and unique skill set. Click below to get started.