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"Having our proprietary software
is a huge competitive advantage.
Tendio has been designed around our processes
to enable us to streamline operations
and deliver Greatcare

Jeff Salter, Founder and CEO Caring Senior Service, Franchise Owner 



Proprietory Tendio® Software Built By Caring For The Unique Needs Of Senior Home Care Business Owners

tendio.jpgWith Tendio® you run your business using the most comprehensive, intelligently designed proprietary software for optimal workflow and enhanced service delivery. Tendio® not only supports all the processes of operating a Caring Senior Service business but also functions as a Family/Caregiver Portal, provides real-time video conferencing, enable caregiver tracking and works as a message center for caregivers. Our innovations in technology also provide Tendio® enabled video tablets in the home of every client.

Tendio® is an all-in-one solution for all your Human Resources, Marketing, Business Intelligence, Scheduling, Billing and Payroll needs.




Caregivers can clock in and out of shifts from smartphones and tablets with ease using the caregiver portal. This creates an accurate time log of the hours serviced by your caregivers.

CRM for Marketing

Our sophisticated Customer Relationship Management tools allows you to keep track of contacts, communication, activities, and revenue to better marketing and sales investments.


When caregiver candidates fill out our online application, their profile is instantly added to our system. When hired, their information is seamlessly transferred to a caregiver profile, to save you valuable time. 

Video and Call

Video and audio call capabilities simplify communication with your caregivers and team. Video calling also provides instant face-to-face communication with a caregiver and family.


Tendio® eliminates many paper documents. All timesheets, hire forms and visit notes will be electronic documents, to streamline many of your  administrative tasks. 


Access all your Clients', Caregivers' and Referral Sources' data through comprehensive reports, Analyze the Performance of your business and Maximize your Growth.


A free, secure portal keeps everyone in the know. Create logins for family members or referral sources who can see the care calendar, notes from past shifts. 


Abilitiy to mass message caregivers to find out who is available for a particular shift or send an individual message to learn the whereabouts of a caregiver. 


Owners and supervisory staff members automatically receive text notifications regarding caregivers that have not clocked in on time to stay on top of your to-do list and never miss a deadline.

Simplified Billing
and Payroll

When your caregivers clock out of their shifts, logs are automatically sent to billing and payroll, creating invoices with a click, saving you valuable time on billing day.


The caregiver portal is easily accessible from any mobile device, which means information on-the-go! You can confirm or change your caregivers’ shifts from your iPad or Smartphone.


Tendio® can integrate with other softwares to fullfil the current and future needs of the business. Our API intergration platform allows us to create solutions and improve the productivity of our teams.


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