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"The Senior Home Care Industry is so
rewarding. I get to help seniors, bring jobs to my community while working with compassionate and dedicated people."



Andy Gillen, Caring Senior Service Franchise Owner, San Antonio,
Amarillo, McAllen and Corpus Christi, Texas
Andy Gillen

A High Growth Potential Industry

As the senior population expands, the need for home care is growing in stride and as seniors seek to maintain their independence by staying in their own homes, home care will become a high demand option for these seniors. As of Spring 2017, there are now 50 million people over the age of 65, that accounts for around 15% of the population and that number is projected to grow to 24% in 2060.

Five Major Factors

Leading to changes for seniors and families in America.

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The U.S. senior population is on the verge of exponential growth.

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Studies show as people age their dependency on others increases

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Patient Care

Patient care methods shifted in last decades to reduce hospital stays.

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The last ten years have led to higher amounts of disposable income.


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Americans move based on where they find work, more now than years past.

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