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"I can't imagine doing this
on my own and not getting
the support we get from Caring.



Adie Walls, Caring Senior Service of Brazoria County, TX


Adie Walls

We Provide The System. You Plug In.

Caring Offers Unparalleled Support and Training for New Owners

Caring has a long history of leadership in the homecare industry. We spent our first 10 years as a company developing a superior business model that focuses on high quality senior care and streamlined operations. Our intensive training program is based on decades of experience and is so intensive that we have strictly enforced caps on how many owners can attend training at one time. We have been perfecting senior care for over 26 years and can confidently say we provide the best care in the business. Our training gives you access to this knowledge, and our support team helps you fulfill all your administrative requirements so you can start moving your business forward from Day 1!

Our franchise system includes streamlined office setup and staffing support, and a corporate based support team. You will also receive complete operations and marketing training, business support and advice. All of this provides you with the absolute best opportunity to develop a significant asset and earn a significant income while being able to help people in need.

How Will I Learn Everything I Need To Know?

Initial training takes place over three weeks. The first two weeks of training are web-based and completed at your home or office. This portion of your training consists of assignments that will familiarize you with your senior care market, our intranet, proprietary Tendio® software, and operational systems. We will check your understanding and progress with bi-weekly webinars scheduled with our support team staff. Your third week of training is hands-on and is hosted at our National Headquarters in San Antonio, TX and teaches owners how to implement all of the major components of our system from a operational and marketing perspective.

What Happens When I Leave Training?

Upon leaving initial training, new franchisees are enrolled in a 16-week Core Development Program that consists of weekly training calls highly focused on helping our owners implement the specific operational practices introduced in our initial training. The principles of the Core Development program are guided by tracking each owner's specific key performance indicators. The marketing processes, taught at initial training, are re-enforced with weekly sales coaching calls to track marketing plan implementation and celebrate successes. We also provide on-site visits of corporate staff, as well quarterly training conferences which, in total, lead to engaged franchise owners who are confidently following a unique plan that has been specially developed for them.

Marketing and Sales Support

  • Marketing tools that stand out and are easy to implement
  • Shared market research that provides clear targets and reduces costly mistakes
  • Individual office websites that help connect and interact with referral sources, clients, families and caregivers
  • Individual, professionally maintained Social media accounts
  • On-site sales training
  • Ongoing marketing tips with timely and relevant information
  • Dedicated weekly one-on-one marketing coach
  • Tendio® software that acts as a market analysis and customer relationship management tool

Technology Support

  • Full time dedicated support services staff for franchise owners and their staff
  • Tendio® software optimizes workflow and enhances service delivery by functioning as a Family/Client portal and providing real-time video conferencing, caregiver tracking, and a caregiver message center
  • Low cost VOIP phone systems
  • Internal social networking site connecting to company resources
  • Additional user-friendly software such as QuickBooks and Office suite are provided
  • Tendio® software has additional features for scheduling, billing and payroll functions
  • Software enabled video tablets in the home of every client
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Investing in a franchise is a big decision for you and for us. Just like you, we put a lot of thought into making big decisions. The first step for you to take is to find out if our opportunity is a good fit for your goals and unique skill set. Click below to get started.