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"With our help, seniors can still be
a part of their communities,
and that is powerful to see.

Kevin Shell, Caring Senior Service of Camden and Bergen Counties, NJ


Kevin Shell

Senior Home Care Services

What is Senior Home Care?

Our Senior Care services are tailored to meet the needs of the elderly that want to age in the comfort of their own homes. Caring provides Caregivers who help seniors with day to day activities that become more difficult to accomplish as we age such as, cooking, laundry, going to the doctors office or taking a bath safely. Basically, we provide any non-medical care for seniors that adds to their independence, safety and quality of life. Because of our GreatCare® System, we can fully customize the care we provide for seniors to their individual needs and that one-on-one care is delivered by a professionally trained caregiver and well matched. 

Many times after returning home from a hospitalization, after an illness or injury, an older person is forced to make decisions about how they will continue to live with the challenges of completing daily activities such as personal care, meal preparation, light housekeeping and daily errands. Historically, the elderly have had two choices: either move in with their children/family/friends or move into a nursing home. Either alternative means leaving the place that is most familiar and comfortable for them, as well as loosing a substantial number of their possessions, and possibly, even their friends. 

Caring Senior Service offers a cost effective alternative to the emotional, physical and monetary costs of moving that also allows our clients to remain independent in their own homes longer. When compared to the costs associated with other options, private pay homecare can be a more affordable option for many seniors.

  • The average annual cost of for a nursing home resident is $97,455. 
  • The average annual cost of an assisted living facility resident is $45,000. 
  • The average annual cost of 20 hours of homecare a week is $21,788. 


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Senior Home Care Services

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What is Our Process?

Caring Senior Service supplies caregivers to the elderly and the infirm in their own home or place of residence, primarily providing the assistance that the client's family are unable to administer. The business process relies on Caring receiving a call from the client, their family or a referral source notifying them of a potential need for care. An intake is then conducted, typically at the residence of the potential client. Doing the intake at the client's home orients the staff to the client's needs and to the environment in which care will be administered.  At this time, specific requirements of the client are discussed and a care plan is designed. The care plan incorporates the primary tasks required of the caregiver and a schedule for care provision. Charge rates and expected payment method are agreed upon at the intake stage. Once the care plan is created, a caregiver is scheduled to work the appointed hours. The caregiver provides their own transportation to and from the client and will only contact the office to seek guidance if a problem occurs that is beyond their authority or ability to solve. Unlike other home care agencies, Caring Senior Service locations charge one flat, hourly rate no matter what senior services are required.

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