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Why You?

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If you take a poll and ask, “What does it take to be a successful franchise owner?” many people would say you have to be the prototypical, self starting, entrepreneur. Others may believe you need to be the classic A-type personality driven to make a mark in the business world, however this isn’t necessarily the case and quite often the truth is all together different.

All types of individuals from all walks of life can be successful at Franchising because the franchise model is all about following a proven system in order to duplicate the achievement of the original business.

In addition to having the ability to follow our business model we believe the best franchise owners have these characteristics in common:

 How many of these describe you?

  •  Motivated by Results
    • Do you focus on productivity, value benchmarks, accomplish goals,  and evaluate your results?
  •  Resilient
    • Do you keep setbacks in perspective? Bounce back quickly from adversity? Work through challenges while having the attitude things will get better?
  •  Forward Thinker
    • Are you known to look at the possibilities of the future as a long-term result that motivates your present day-to-day activities? Do you always keep your eye on the prize?
  •  Optimistic
    • Do you call the glass half-full? Are solutions and opportunities more obvious to you than problems or obstacles? Are you the person who takes care of problems by solving them instead of wasting time on how they happened?
  •  People Person
    • Are you good at developing relationships? Do you relate well with people? ∙ could you succeed at networking? Would you welcome becoming a voice in the community?

If the charactersitics above decribe you and you are interested in learning more about the Caring Senior Service franchise opportunity fill out the form to the right and then take a look at our next steps page.

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