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Evaluating Franchise Training Programs

By Thomas Scott

There are a lot of things you should consider when choosing the franchise that is right for you but before you commit, one thing you should look into is the type of training program the franchise offers. While you want to make sure you choose something you will enjoy doing, you should also choose a franchise that will set you up for success. This means they should have a comprehensive and detailed training program in place.

Here are a few things you should look for when evaluating the training program of any prospective franchise.

The Beginning

FranChoice states,“A good training program should cover not only the product or service but also setting up the business, marketing, employee management, business procedures, reporting, etc.”

While the types of service or product you are selling should be important to you, and you should be well-versed on them before selling them, it’s just as important to have a helping hand when it comes to starting your franchise.

Marketing, management and business procedures are the backbone of a successful business, and, if you’ve never run a business before, they can seem a bit overwhelming. Before you commit to a franchise, make sure they offer everything you need to get started.


When researching training programs, you will also want to ask to see as many of the manuals and documents as possible beforehand. You will want to read through these for understanding and thoroughness. Do they answer all of your questions or are you even more confused? Seeing these documents before closing on a franchise can give you an idea of how the organization you will be working with will be run.

Compare Programs

The best way to evaluate a training program for a franchise you are interested in is to compare it to other programs. Look at the programs offered through multiple franchises. Ask questions. Ask those who already own franchises how they feel about the training they received. Did they feel prepared when they opened their doors? Do they still feel supported? Ask those within the franchise you are interested and branch out to others.

Ongoing Education

Your franchise education shouldn’t stop once you are up and running. You should receive ongoing training to help you succeed. What type of programs does your franchisor offer throughout your franchise career?

Caring Senior Service offers not only a 3-week initial training program but also free quarterly training conferences, as well as a 16-week core development plan with weekly operational and marketing coaching after training is completed.

Running a successful franchise is not just up to you because it’s not just your success at stake. The franchisor needs all of their franchises to succeed so they should be responsible for providing the training that will further that success.

The best franchisors will be up front and clear about the type of training they offer and if they aren’t, you should always ask. They will also understand that everyone is different and may require different levels of training. It may be up to the franchisor to provide the training that will set you up for success, but it’s up to you to make sure that training is right for you.

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