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Jeff Salter Shares How Technology Can Improve the Lives of Seniors

By Caring Senior Service

Caring CEO, Jeff Salter, published an article in Medhealth Review, highlighting how smart technology is becoming increasingly important for seniors and their caregivers, despite not being part of the older generation's upbringing. As more seniors choose to age in place, digital tools are being used to optimize home healthcare, communication, and monitoring of health parameters. The technology allows seniors to stay in touch with loved ones and caregivers, promoting independence, especially for long-distance caregivers who cannot be present daily.

While technology enhances care and independence for seniors, Jeff emphasizes that it should not replace human interaction entirely. The challenge is to seamlessly integrate technology while ensuring seniors still receive the social connections they need for healthy lives. Some seniors may resist using modern technology, so the progress should be seen as a means to enhance, not replace, social interaction for older Americans.

Read the full article at MedHealth Review.

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