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How the Caring Business Model Sets You Up for Success

By Ian Klaes

A franchise system is designed to help new business owners succeed from day 1. At Caring Senior Service, we take great pride in our business model and our ability to train and support new franchisees. By following our model, developed and refined over 30 years in business, you can become a successful and profitable home care franchise owner. Learn a little bit about our home care model. 

Caring Senior Service Founding

From the age of 20, Caring Senior Service founder and CEO, Jeff Salter, scraped his shins in the senior care industry, realizing that there was a need for a company to assist the elderly with certain non-medical needs. Armed with this knowledge and his vast experience, Salter formed a company that was groundbreaking at that time. Since its founding in 1991, Caring has rapidly expanded along with the growing elderly population who are living longer and more rewarding years in retirement.

Caring's desire to improve the lives of as many seniors as possible led to the establishment of a franchising program in 2001. Since then, Caring Seniors Service franchise owners have been able to take full advantage of Caring's hard work, knowledge, and experience, allowing them to work the model Jeff created without enduring the same mistakes. Caring has learned from each miscalculation and shifted its business practices accordingly.

Because we come from these humble beginnings, we knows what it is like to feel the desire to start a business. We've felt the growing pains, and each obstacle has helped us create a business framework that makes it easier for our franchise owners.

Our Proven Model


The Caring Senior Service business model starts with key staffing. Our offices should have the following roles filled:

  • Care Manager: Coordinate care schedules and oversees the quality of client care being delivered by caregivers. Conducts interviews and maintains caregiver pool.
  • Homecare Consultant: Serves as a liaison between Caring and the community. Participates in networking events and educates the general public about home care services. 
  • Agency Director: Oversees all business operations and manages both the Care Manager and Homecare Consultant roles. 

Each role has distinct responsibilities, but, ultimately, all are working to ensure that clients receive the very best care, which we like to call GreatCare®.

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Delivery of Care

Our GreatCare® methodology helps our owners provide superior home care services in their respective markets. Learn a bit about each of the areas of GreatCare® below:

  • Quality Caregivers: We have a refined interview process that helps ensure our offices hire quality caregivers. We also provide our caregivers with ongoing training.
  • Care Solutions: We create tailored care plans for each client we serve, based on their individual needs and preferences. We also conduct a Home Safety Assessment for each client. Plus, we have a unique caregiver-client matching process and personally introduce each new caregiver to their client at the first shift. 
  • Active Involvement: We remain actively involved in care 24/7. Our staff conducts regular visits to the client's home to make sure they are receiving excellent care. We can also attend doctor's appointments and help coordinate care efforts with healthcare providers.

Our GreatCare® method guides everything we do and ensures that our level of care is superior to other home care providers.  

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Finally, our business model includes proprietary technology, Tendio, that helps tie everything together. Tendio is an all-in-one home care software platform that powers everything from business operations to housing a family portal. 

Tendio allows our owners to streamline business operations, analyze data and trends, and communicate with teams regularly. Each team member has a unique log in and will be able to perform and record tasks specific to their role. For example, Care Managers can record caregiver interviews in Tendio, and Homecare Consultants can track marketing visits. 

Our unique system allows everything you need to be housed under a single roof, so you don't have to turn to various platforms to get the information you need. 

Additional Benefits of the Caring Model

  • Proven model: The model Caring has painstakingly created means no time wasted for you as a franchisee. You don't have to spend time developing your business framework; we've done all the heavy lifting for you. 
  • Experience: While you have the benefits of entrepreneurship, you also have the assurance of our 30 years of expertise to support you along the way. And, because our executive team still owns and operates home care units today, they are experiencing the same challenges you will experience and will be able to better guide you through the ups and downs.
  • Support: The Caring team offers franchisees day-to-day support for any questions and issues that pop up as your learn to run your own business. This ongoing support enables you to work harder and smarter than the competition so that you can create your own success and change the lives of countless seniors in the process.

Through it all, Caring's #1 goal has always been to make high quality home care available to seniors who yearn to continue living on their own in the comfort of their homes. Relocating seniors out of their homes can be devastating to their health and happiness, and Caring Seniors strives to help each and every client stay as independent as possible.

Make no mistake, owning and operating a franchise takes a tremendous amount of hard work, service, and contribution. But if you are ambitious, determined and want to create opportunities for yourself, starting a franchise business with Caring Senior Service could be the perfect choice for you. Reach out to our team today.

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