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What GreatCare® Means for Our Franchise Owners

By Jeff Bevis

Choosing the right franchise means finding one that aligns with your own personal goals in terms of business ownership and ultimately business success. To find that success, the company you choose should provide a clear path for you as a franchise owner to differentiate yourself from the competition.

For the Caring Senior Service home care assistance franchise, one of the key differentiators is the GreatCare® method. This method is the framework upon which our franchise owners build a successful home care business. Learn about how GreatCare means great opportunities for franchise owners.

What Is GreatCare?

GreatCare® is Caring Senior Service's unique method of delivering quality home care services. It addresses the 3 most important areas of concern for families, seniors, and healthcare referral partners:

  1. Quality caregivers: We have a refined interview process that ensures we hire the best caregivers. We also offer ongoing training and support to help caregivers succeed and grow in their role. 
  2. Care solutions: We provide tailored care plans that are unique to each client's needs and preferences. We also perform a 43-step home safety survey to ensure the care environment is as safe as possible.
  3. Active involvement: Our staff is available 24/7 for questions and concerns. You will always get to speak with a real person! And we promise to remain involved in care, attending doctor's appointments and regularly following up. 

While GreatCare® is the way we do business, it also makes a real difference in how Caring is perceived and how franchise owners are able to promote their services.

GreatCare® Means Skills

One essential piece of the GreatCare® method is the way that our franchisees hire caregivers. Although home care assistance through Caring Senior Service is not medical care, all caregivers must have a minimum of 1 year experience as caregivers or have passed a state nurse’s aide certification. In addition, all caregivers must provide references prior to hiring and be subjected to a background check.

The skills necessary to become a Caring Senior Service caregiver are an essential part of what differentiates the company from its competitors. Franchise owners can use that to boost their reputation in the local market. New clients can feel secure that they or their loved ones are getting help from trained and vetted individuals.

GreatCare® Means Tailored Service

Great home care assistance is not one size fits all. Finding the right care solutions for each individual client is a critical part of the GreatCare® method. Every new client receives a full client care consultation, which results in a completely individualized service plan. The service plan is not something our staff dictates, rather it is developed with the input of the client, their family, our team of experts, and our care algorithm for maximum client satisfaction.

This custom plan truly sets apart Caring Senior Service since it takes into consideration a wide range of details, including the social, emotional, and financial needs of the client and the family. This allows everyone involved to make informed decisions about what kind of care is provided and ultimately a highly desirable service.

GreatCare® Means Someone Is Always Available

With many companies, you might call and not get an answer. That should never be the case for a Caring office. Our staff promises to be available 24/7 to answer questions or start arranging care. This availability helps ensure that we are ready when you need us — when mom gets discharged from the hospital or when the family needs someone to stay with dad while they take care of an emergency. 

We strive to treat each client as if they were our own family. And a big part of that having open communication. At any time, families and clients can talk about care plans and progress with our team. We are happy to make adjustments as needed to ensure the needs of a loved one are being met. 

How GreatCare® Impacts Franchise Owners

The GreatCare® method represents a significant selling point for Caring Senior Service franchise owners. One of the top concerns for clients in need of home care assistance is finding caregivers who are skilled and properly screened and who truly care about the wellbeing of the senior who needs them. Franchise owners can point to the extensive GreatCare® methodology as strict Caring Senior Service policy to ultimately build a loyal client base, providing business security and stability through the proven system.

Additionally, our GreatCare® method provides the framework for your business. It sets a standard of service that franchisees should strive for as part of day-to-day operations. To learn more about how we implement GreatCare® across our franchise system, we invite you to reach out to our team today.

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