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7 Ways You Can Expect Support from a Franchisor

By Del Salinas

Try to remember back to your first day of your first job. It was probably a time of a lot of anxiety. You didn’t know how to dress, where to go, or what you were going to be expected to do. Hopefully, you had a trusted boss or mentor who trained you and showed you the ropes. Before you knew it, you were probably flipping burgers, making copies, or topping ice cream like you had been doing it your whole life.

Having someone that knows the business before you start a new job is critical to your initial experience. And, in our opinion, it isn't any different when it comes to joining a franchise system. Within the corporate framework of a franchise, the franchisor is there to support you. Often, they will have a dedicated individuals at corporate to help business owners with different tasks, like marketing or recruiting.

While taking advantage of a franchise opportunity also comes with a franchise agreement, royalty fees, and other initial fees, the price is often worth it for the support you will receive. Here are a few ways that buying a franchise can give franchisees support needed to become successful.

1. They Can Help You Pick a Location

When starting a business from scratch, you must decide on a location. Since your territory will be part of a long-term agreement, it really can make or break your business. Sole entrepreneurs must decide on their location alone. But franchise owners have the added support and expertise from their franchisor.

Most franchisors can help guide you on selecting a territory. They can help project the number of potential customers in the area, evaluate competition, and evaluate the viability of an area. This can help new owners get started on the right foot from the beginning.

At Caring Senior Service, we work with potential franchisees to define a territory based on zip codes. These territories have a minimum population with a healthy number of seniors, so you can feel confident that your location will have plenty of potential customers.

2. They Can Answer Your Questions

When you are opening a franchise location, you will have a lot of questions. The good news is that your franchisor knows exactly what to expect and will have a defined process. A franchisor will dive into the trenches and help you launch your business, answering questions, performing field visits, and more.

Depending on how long the franchise has been around, chances are high that they have tackled just about every problem you will face. The support team will have heard a number of questions and scenarios about the products or services. With that experience comes lots of expertise on how to help you overcome obstacles.

3. They Know the Target Market

Identifying a perfect target market is not always as easy as it sounds. Most new businesses have to do a lot of research and weather false starts before they find their perfect audience. But a franchisor will have a clearly defined target market.

There are all types of franchises across different industries. But each franchisor will be honed in on their niche target market. They will define your key audience and the best marketing tactics and messages to reach them. The knowledge that a franchisor can impart when it comes to marketing is invaluable to new franchise owners.

4. They Can Help with Training

A good franchisor will have a strong training program to get you up to speed as a franchise owner. AND they will have training programs outlined for your staff members — Because you will have to train your team!

Your franchisor may use a variety of different training options, from online courses to in-person conferences. They can help you understand what you and your staff need to do. And if a course doesn't save or you need help figuring out onboarding, your franchisor can help!

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5. They Can Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Along with point #3, your franchisor will have marketing materials already created. These materials could include flyers, brochures, promotional items, and more. But each item should have the company's branding, and messages should be crafted for your unique audience.

Your franchisor should also be able to help you understand when to use each piece of marketing collateral. They might have other tools, like email marketing platforms or social media scheduling tools, to help you enhance your marketing efforts. Combine marketing support with the franchise's existing brand recognition, and you have a recipe for success.

At Caring Senior Service, we have a comprehensive library of marketing materials for our franchise owners. You can personalize items for your office's location, giving all your collateral a local feel. And we offer custom design services to our owners in case a specific need comes up.

6. They Know Other Franchisees

If a franchise is hands on, then they know their franchise owners well — they aren't just numbers. As a new owner, this is a significant advantage because your franchisor can put you in touch with experienced owners.

Your franchisor can help you identify owners with a similar background or who have faced similar challenges as you. So, when you're in a bind, you can be connected to a network of franchisees who can provide additional support and comradery.

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7. They Communicate

Another important way your franchise system will provide support is through constant communication. It's important that you are kept informed about company changes, product updates, software upgrades, new resources, and more. All of this information can help you keep a pulse on your franchise industry.

Communication can take many forms, too — operations manual, emails, personal calls, group webinars, in-person training, and more. Ultimately, look for a franchisor with multiple touch points for communication yet a streamlined approach for getting information out.

Choosing the Right Franchise

When choosing a franchise, take into consideration the different ways they can support you. Not all franchises offer the same level of support to execute the business plan. So, it's important to understand what you should and should not expect from your franchisor when it comes to support.

At Caring Senior Service, we strive to provide personal support to each office. Our dedicated Support Team is happy to answer calls and emails directly from owners or their team. Our corporate office is made up of individuals with all different skillsets so that we can best support our owners with whatever obstacles they face.

To learn more about how we provide the best support in home care, reach out to our team today.

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