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High Touch Meets High Tech in Senior Care

By Thomas Scott

Senior Care is a more commonly known as "High Touch" than "High Tech." Of course, our owners, staff, and caregivers are very close to the seniors they care for, as well as their families. In fact, many of our owners are attracted to senior care because they want to have close ties to the people they serve, and to feel like they are truly making an impact in the lives of others, and senior care really does deliver that. Just ask our owners! However, we also know the importance of embracing change.

Most Advanced Technology in Senior Care

For the good of our owners and the seniors they serve, we have developed our own technology that keeps us competitive within our industry, while keeping our clients as safe and independent as possible. Caring Senior Service delivers proprietary technology to our clients in the form of a computer tablet in every client's home. Every tablet is pre-programmed with our Tendio software to empower our clients, improve communication, enhance family support, and improve the quality of life of our seniors.

Using Our Technology To Enhance Quality Of Life

The tablet's video calling capability allows clients and staff to interact with family and other health care providers for quick and efficient care. Video calling also allows you to visually confirm your caregiver's location during their shift. The software can even function through a downloadable app, so our seniors can engage with loved ones in real time.

It is very exciting to see this feature in action. Just imagine the possibilities! Grandma can now see a real-time performance of her granddaughter at a school play, or scoring a goal on the soccer field from the comfort and safety of her own home!

We designed the tablet to show only the basic functions, making it very user-friendly for all of our customers, even those with little to no experience with technology. All of our caregivers are trained on how to use the device, so clients have a built-in teacher to get over any generational gaps or fears of technology.

Good Technology Leads To Good Business

Our new technology not only benefits our clients and their family members but also our owners. Tendio provides enhanced functionality to every aspect of managing a senior home care business. Not only can you confirm the location of scheduled caregivers but also their exact arrival time, as the tablet in the client's home is where caregivers clock in and out. That information is then directly accessible in the payroll and billing section of Tendio. The superior design of Tendio eliminates the need for multiple programs or even worse, inaccurate and easily lost paper time sheets! Since our technology is cloud based, all information is readily available.

From a marketing perspective, Tendio has even more applications, like a fully functioning Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, technology for recording and scheduling marketing visits, as well as features for real-time qualification of accounts. This robust feature further eliminates the need for additional programs and costs for our owners.

To learn more about Tendio, as well as becoming a senior home care franchise owner, get in touch with our team.

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