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Owner Spotlight: Wayne Mitchell, Northern Virginia

Posted by Thomas Scott on Mar 28, 2019 3:08:00 PM


Wayne Mitchell, a Caring Senior Service franchise owner in Northern Virginia, got into senior care after experiencing difficulties finding care for his own parents. Wayne started his healthcare career as a public health Paramedic–Advanced Life Support, then transitioned to corporate America for over 30 years, the last 10 years working closely with military families. 

While this experience in healthcare and with business continue to help Wayne run a successful business, it was his experience helping his own parents find care that ultimately led him to become a business owner. 

Wayne and his wife, Diane, both experienced the challenges of providing care for their aging parents. This care included helping their parents through life-changing struggles, cancer treatments, hospice, and dementia care. They saw one of their parents changed from an active member of the community to a bed-ridden nursing home resident after suffering a stroke.

"As my parents aged, it became clearer that they needed some assistance that I wasn't able to provide due to living in another state. As I tried to find experienced caring assistance for them, I found my search very difficult and confusing. I wanted to provide the best care I could, just as my parents provided for me my entire life."

Wayne and Diane decided to join the senior care industry to assist other families with similar struggles. They understand these life-changing stages and help the families in Northern Virginia keep their loved one’s healthy, happy and at home. Today, Wayne loves coaching his caregivers and staff on how to deliver excellent senior care to their clients. 

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