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Caring Senior Service Franchise Blog

Is "Uberization" a Threat to Senior Care Franchising?

Posted by Thomas Scott on Jul 10, 2017 3:51:42 PM

One of the newest and biggest buzzwords in our economy is "uberization." Uberization is a business model, named after the ride-sharing app Uber, which can change traditional jobs into specific tasks that can be assigned to people as needed with wages set by supply and demand. Just like automation, "uberization" is a threat to many industries, but is it a threat to senior home care?

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What Qualities Do Senior Home Care Franchise Owners Share?

Posted by Thomas Scott on May 30, 2017 5:30:00 PM


At Caring Senior Service, we want you to have the ability to achieve your goals by plugging in to our unique proprietary business model that makes the most of your determination, hard work, and desire to make a difference in the lives of seniors. Through our over 25 years of experience in the senior care franchising industry, we have learned that success follows those who are first passionate about improving the quality of life for seniors.

Here are some qualities that we have found in our most successful franchise owners!

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Why Senior Home Care Is a Growing Franchise Field

Posted by Michelle Cemental on Jul 28, 2016 1:05:50 PM

Choosing a franchise is a big decision. You want to find a franchise organization that aligns with your values and offers services you believe in. Of course, you also want to find a franchise that will thrive financially.

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2016 Trends in At-Home Senior Care

Posted by Michelle Cemental on May 25, 2016 9:56:47 AM

It is no secret that the US population is aging. You can hardly turn on the nightly news or browse headlines online without seeing a story about the impact Baby Boomers are having across the economy. And that kind of mass coverage makes a lot of sense when you consider the fact that, in the next 15 years, people over the age of 65 will make up more than 20% of the total population (as of 2010 it was just 13%).

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Caring Senior Service CEO To Educate Industry Leaders on Home Care

Posted by Michelle Cemental on Oct 19, 2012 8:24:00 AM

 The National Association For Home Care & Hospice Hosts Jeff Salter As Expert Speaker

Jeff Salter, CEO of Caring Senior Service, a national senior home care company, is speaking at the 2012 National Association For Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) Annual Meeting & Exposition on October 23rd. Salter will educate fellow home care professionals on the benefits of adding non medical home care to home health businesses.

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