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Marketing a Franchise: How to Get Started

Posted by Saundra Hwozdek on Feb 7, 2017 6:46:59 PM

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If you’ve recently purchased a home care assistance franchise, you are already ahead of most business owners. When you purchase a franchise, you don’t have to take the time to build a brand and reputation; it’s already been done for you. You are also ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing. The plans, the materials, the budget... much of the work has already been done for you. While you’ll want to take advantage of the many marketing resources and tips your franchise will provide you, you’ll need to take on a bit of the responsibility yourself. So, here are some things you’ll need to keep in mind when marketing your home care assistance franchise.

Be Ready to Learn

Depending on the franchise you go with, the introduction to marketing could be a long and arduous process. Your franchise has just as much invested in your success as you do, so following their advice and taking advantage of the resources they offer is a smart move.

If they offer online help, use it. If they have a marketing team standing by for phone calls, make them. But most of all, be ready and willing to learn how to market your franchise.

Be Vigilant

Even if you are provided marketing materials, it might be tempting to create your own. This is fine, just remember:

“Usually, established franchise systems provide franchisees with specific marketing and advertising materials for adaptation to the franchisee's use. In systems where franchisees may create their own materials, approval from the franchisor is typically required before the materials can be used.” - Don Daszkowski

There are opportunities to make your marketing efforts your own, you just always want to make sure that whatever efforts you put out into the world match the brand and image that your franchise wants to portray.

Get a Blog

One of those opportunities to personalize your marketing efforts can be found in a blog. If your franchise provides you with a website that doesn’t have a blog but that allows you to add one (whether they pay for it or you do), do it. If you need to set up a separate blog, it’s worth it.

You are going to need to be relevant to your local audience, and a blog is a fantastic way to do that. It helps you connect and tell your story, not just the franchise’s story. It can highlight the specific things that set you apart not just from your franchise but also the local competition

Know the Types of Marketing

The home care industry focuses on two types of marketing, consumer and referral. In order to make your home care assistance franchise a success, you should understand the difference between the two.

  1. Consumer Marketing: Consumer marketing efforts are aimed directly at potential clients. The goal is to let the world know you exist and to bring in new customers.
  2. Referral Marketing: Referral marketing efforts are aimed at current clients, doctor’s offices and other referral sources.

Once you know the difference between the 2 and which resources are best used for what audience, your marketing efforts will be more successful.

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