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8 Reasons Why Working For the Man Is A Drag

Posted by Saundra Hwozdek on Feb 19, 2019 2:31:00 PM

Frustrated businessman at his desk

Working for someone else may mean relatively steady pay and a place to go every day, but if you're ready to quit working for an employer, it may be time to become your own boss. Moving past the initial fear you may have, taking the leap into owning a business can help eliminate all the disadvantages that come with working the grind for someone else at your day job. Here are just a few reasons why you should quit working for "the man" and start working for yourself.

1. There's Always Someone to Answer To

As an employee, there is always someone to answer to. There may even be multiple people you must answer to. Employees have instructions and directions to follow daily, limiting creativity and productivity. You must ask permission for things, explain yourself and also stay concerned about what your boss (or bosses) might think. Your decisions are not your own and must be okayed by someone else.

Even in the most generous work environments, employees are not allowed to do what they want, when they want. And this stifling of regular freedoms can contribute to your overall happiness and positivity.

2. What Happens When There Is No More Job?

Working as an employee can make drastic life changes like a layoff or termination hard to handle. Though your paycheck may seem steady now, what will you do if your job suddenly disappears? Or you lose job benefits?

In our competitive economy, employees are considered disposable, and jobs are not guaranteed. Bosses and business owners alike tend to take failure and move on to their next option. When you are your own boss, there are always risks. But when you're used to risk, it's easier to stay afloat. What's your backup plan should you lose your job?

3. There's Little Control

What if there's a different way you'd like to do things? Have a list of things that could make the company better? Ways you would handle things differently? As an employee, those things are out of your control. This can be hard to swallow for many people. Employees have no say over the work environment, rules and guidelines, coworkers, tasks, and even dress code. Employees also have no say in work-related decisions that could affect your personal and family life as well. And when you think you have the best ideas, being an employee and having no control can be difficult.

4. Will You Hit Your Glass Ceiling?

Most regular jobs have limits, meaning you can only go so far within a company. And unfortunately, even in today's world, there is a lot of discrimination and judgment. When you are an employee of someone else, you may find yourself reaching your "glass ceiling." This refers to an invisible barrier that exists to keep an individual from reaching the highest levels of a company.

Sometimes, years of stress force you to hit your own glass ceiling. Other times, you could be undervalued for advancement within your company, discriminated against, or simply denied a valuable spot for a lack of vacancy.

5. Flexibility Isn't Typical Working For Someone Else

If you have a boss, your hours and work location are typically determined for you. This means making time for other necessary and important things difficult; forcing you to request time off, miss work, etc.

A boss chooses hours, tasks, and a position that benefits the company, not yourself. As your own boss, you can make your own hours and create a work-life balance that provides you with the least amount of stress and anxiety. There are very few employees that say they can work where and when they want.

6. What If You Want to Continue Developing?

Companies and bosses typically only want their employees to advance as much as it benefits the company. If you are someone who wants more, this can be difficult. Working for the man sticks you within a box, with a specific industry and role. There are typically fewer choices for progressing within your specific career and even harder to switch outside of your specific industry. Business networking and diverse learning experiences are not typically provided for most employees. Entrepreneurs and business owners have open-ended careers that are self-made and only limited by the imagination and willpower.

7. Limited Growth Means Limited Earnings

Your typical job generally comes with a standard salary or hourly wage. This means that your income will never reach above a specific amount, or cap unless you receive a raise or overtime pay. Even with advancement, you will only ever earn a specific amount of money for your job.

As your own boss, the possibilities are endless. There is no limit to the potential you could earn as a business owner. In fact, bosses and business owners tend to have better control of their finances and are better able to contribute more money to their personal retirement and savings accounts.

8. What About Your Passion?

As an employee working for someone else, it can be easy to lose a sense of passion and happiness. The "daily grind" and limited progression within your career may make you question the passion you had for the industry in the beginning. Working for the man provides little opportunity for accolades, appreciation, and contentment within a position.

Being a boss and creating your own business helps provide a greater sense of self-satisfaction and gratification for the work you are doing since it puts you in the key position for creating a journey that you're most passionate about.

There may be many disadvantages to working for the man, but you don't have to deal with any of them if you take the leap and start being your own boss. As experts in providing quality care through our quality franchises, we're here for you from start to finish. If you want help beginning your journey to personal and financial independence, contact us today to learn more about becoming your own boss through the Caring Senior Service Franchise difference!

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