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Differentiation Makes a Difference

Posted by Thomas Scott on Oct 20, 2017 7:47:00 AM

HQ Team for Caring Senior Service

Often the first question asked by consumers, whether they are looking to buy a million-dollar dream home or a new brand of toothpaste, is "What makes this one better than the others?." Not surprisingly, this is the first question many potential business owners ask when they start to consider buying a franchise. This question , although highly subjective, is vital to any franchisee evaluating their options. After all, just as you look for the differentiating features of each company, your customers will be doing the same.

If you take some time to evaluate Caring Senior Service's business model, you will see that it was built to not just survive but thrive against established competition. With a Caring Senior Service franchise, you don't have to worry about discovering what makes you different.

Developed Business Model

We've already done all the heavy lifting for you during the 10+ years we spent perfecting our business model before even bringing our first franchisee on board. We pride ourselves on our proven success and over 26 years as a leader in the home care industry. We provide you with that well-proven business model and the most comprehensive, intelligently designed proprietary software that optimizes your workflow and enhances your client's experience.

Also, as a franchisee with Caring, you have access to our GreatCare method, which is the only systematic method in home care that guarantees the delivery of high-quality senior care. You receive extensive training on >our business model and software, as well as marketing and operational practices at a level that far exceeds industry standards. Our outstanding support system takes care of streamlining your initial set up and ongoing support needs, as well as your local web presence, and marketing outreach to communicate to your customers what makes you stand out above the competition.

Cutting Edge Technology

Although we stay true to our roots of establishing personal relationships with clients and their families, we have also embraced technology by providing a computer tablet in each of our clients' homes. Each tablet is pre-programmed with our Tendio software to empower our clients, improve communication, enhance family support, and improve the quality of life of our seniors. The tablet's video calling capability allows clients and staff to interact with family and other healthcare providers for quick and efficient care without any unnecessary trips to the doctor. Video calling also allows you to visually confirm your caregiver's location during their shift. Tendio software can even function through a downloadable app, so our seniors can engage with loved ones in real time. We even designed the tablet to show only the basic functions, making it very user-friendly for all of our customers, even those with little to no experience with technology. All of our caregivers are trained on how to use the device, so clients have a built-in teacher to get over any generational gaps or fears of technology.

GreatCare®: The Name Says It All

Caring also separates themselves from other senior care businesses through our nationwide GreatCare® method. GreatCare addresses the 3 most critical aspects of Senior Care:

  1. Quality caregivers: We carefully choose our caregivers through a refined interview process assessing skill, experience, references, and background checks. Once we have ensured the caregiver possesses the right personality and skill level. We offer ongoing training with access to our numerous continuing education courses and targeted instruction on any specific condition they may be working with.
  2. Care solutions: Our care solutions are uniquely designed for each client with a full client care consultation, individualized service plan, home safety survey, caregiver personality and skills matching, and personal introduction for unparalleled customer care.
  3. Active involvement: Our active involvement in the lives of our clients ensures continued quality service with 24/7 staff availability, supervisory home visits, attending physician visits, care coordination with other providers, and arrangement of other non-care related services.

For over 2 decades, Caring Seniors has set the standard for senior home care services like personal care, meal preparation, and housekeeping. No one has a more well-defined system for keeping seniors healthy, happy, and at home.   

Outstanding Support System

With Caring, you won't have to worry about the crucial, "behind-the-scenes" work that takes away valuable time for so many small business owners. Critical tasks like search engine optimization, Google rankings, social media outreach, building social media presence, and nurturing email inquiries are all covered by our marketing professionals as a part of being a member of our franchise system. 

We also value your education and provide initial hands-on classroom training, as well as one-on-one ongoing training, mentoring, and coaching by our experienced corporate staff. This way, you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business and taking care of your senior and their families. Caring Senior Service has a 26-year history of success, cutting-edge software, dedicated support staff and access to years' worth of data from other successful owners to guide every aspect of a franchisee's ramp up and growth.

We have painstakingly built a system that removes obstacles so you can focus on the day-to-day building of your dream business. Give us a call today at 210-982-0122 or schedule time with our Franchise Development Team, and we can any questions you may have about what makes us different from the competition and all of the ways we set up our franchisees to succeed.  

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